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Almost 7 years ago I started a fashion blog I called, “Inexpensive Chic.” On the site I showed readers how to “look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks.” That site was my baby! It really was the catalyst to everything I am up to now. It was there that I began “styling,” I’d invite my friends from high school over to my house and have them bring a suitcase full of their fall clothes. Then I’d create outfits for them based on what they brought, and we headed to the backyard with my dad’s camera to create a fall lookbook. I soon graduated from styling my friends, to real models, and then collaborated with an actual photographer to take the pictures. I then began partnering with local boutiques and designers to source the clothes, and added on professional hair and makeup artists. The work you see here, in my styling portfolio, has come a long way, and I’m looking forward to continuing to become a better stylist with time and new partnerships.

Me and my friend Linee for the Fall Lookbook I styled in 2012

A few weeks ago I announced on social media that I wouldn’t be continuing with Inexpensive Chic. While the blog has led me to countless opportunities for which I am forever grateful, I feel the need to give other endeavors more of my focus. My styling business being one of them. Inexpensive Chic was a huge part of my identity for so long, and I don’t want it to vanish into thin air… so I am simply archiving the site. Anyone can go to it and see past articles here:, but I won’t be updating it any longer.

So you may be wondering, “well, why start another blog here on your styling website then?”

Fair question. On Inexpensive Chic I often wrote about my personal life and lessons I was learning along the way in addition to reporting on the runway trends, sharing fashion tips, etc. It was kind of a hodgepodge of everything me. The difference is that here, the blog is an extension of my business and the services I provide. It will be a way for me to focus on just the fashion and integrate more interaction and personality into this brand. While I have visitors come to this website to look at my portfolio work, I’d love to add more dimension to the site by having a space where we can chat and have more of a human interaction. My goal for you is to be able to takeaway something from each blog post that you can apply to your personal style journey.  

Topics You Can Expect

Fashion Trend Reports + How You Can Make It Your Own
How To Get Dressed Effortlessly + Stylishly Every Morning
A Day in The Life of a Stylist
The Right Colors For Your Complexion
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at an Editorial Photoshoot
Style Q+A’s From You, The Readers!

I am so excited to take my styling business to the next level, and I hope you are looking forward to being a part of it all too. Feel free to email me with any topic ideas or style questions you may have that I can include on the blog:

You can look forward to a new post every other week 🙂 Be sure to follow the blog by scrolling to the bottom of this page (click the button, or sign up via email) to stay updated on new posts.

Also, Follow Us On Instagram! @StylingxNiyah 

✌🏾, Niyah



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