5 Unique Tricks to Elevate Your Outfits (As Inspired by Seoul Fashion Week Street Style)

Seoul, South Korea is quickly becoming a hub for personal style inspiration. This is due to mix of factors including K-Pop coming to the states, their developing economy (wealth), and social media bringing global fashion more in view. I’m sure you’ve heard of New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, but did you know Seoul has a Fashion Week as well? Yup! Their Fall/Winter 2018 show ended March 24th. While the runways are the main attraction, street style (what guests are wearing to the shows) has been given equal attention. Below, I’ve selected my favorites and have pulled out some of the styling tricks you can try with your own wardrobe. Warning: Do try these at home, but just know you will get stares of wonder and awe 💕

1. Don’t Stop At Just One Topper

Image Via High Snobiety

One of the benefits of colder weather is being able to layer. The more you layer, the more you can manipulate your garments and play around with shape and proportion. With that being said, don’t feel limited to just one topper (i.e. blazer, bomber, cardigan, vest). Pick a couple and mix it up! Show off a sliver of a printed blazer by adding an oversized denim jacket on top. Or, fasten a bold colored jacket and pair an opened vest on top (see photo above).

2. Slowly Add In Spring

Image Via W Magazine

While spring technically began on March 20, I think we can all agree it hasn’t quite sprung yet. Have no fear, you can still start to add in your florals and chiffons while maintaining warmth. Not only is the oversized sweatshirt over top the floaty maxi a cool-girl move, it’s practical! For extra points: keep your winter boots on.

3. Go Monochrome

Image Via Harper’s Bazaar

Dressing fully monochrome is not for the shy, but if you’re looking for a way to refresh your wardrobe this may be just the trick. It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll find yourself with an outfit you’ve never worn before. Something to keep in mind are the accessories you pair it with. The subtle pops of white in the shoes, backpack, and glasses (as shown above), keep the look from appearing sloppy.

4. Borrow Your Grandmother’s Broach

Image Via Harper’s Bazaar

Embellishing your pieces with patches and pins isn’t new, although, arranging an assortment of brooches on a garment hasn’t been done as often. This is where your mother’s or grandmother’s closet comes in handy. You can line your lapels with them, as done above, but don’t feel like you’re stuck in that box. Have fun with the placement– get creative!

5. Off the Shoulder 2.0

Image Via Harper’s Bazaar

We are all familiar with the off-the-shoulder trend that was everywhere last summer. Welp, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon… but there’s an upside. Stand out from the crowd and simulate the idea of the trend, without showing any skin. All you need: two shirts and a belt. Wear the first shirt as normal. With the second, let one sleeve fall off a shoulder, and then button to hold in place (they will be off-center). If you need extra support to keep it all in place, add the belt. Fun, fun.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to incorporating these styling tricks into my outfits starting next week! Which on this list if your fav? Leave a comment below 🙂

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