If You’ve Said Any of These Things, You May Want to Hire a Personal Stylist


We’re all guilty of it… Did you know the average American only wears 20% of their wardrobe? 😯 That means there’s a lot in your closet that can be donated OR you just need some guidance on how to wear your pieces. Either way our closet clean out service will help you love your wardrobe and feel more inspired to wear what you already own.

Our E-styling service is the best option for those who want expert advice in the convenience of their own home OR for those who want a personal stylist but don’t live in Cincinnati. We’d be happy to show you what this process looks like before you book us. Just send us an email (stylingxniyah@gmail.com) and we’ll give you a FREE preview.

Summer is approaching, and that means travel! Let us guide you in your wardrobe choices so you can focus on planning your getaway. Some of our clients prefer for us to shop WITH them, while others choose for us to shop FOR them. We’re happy with whatever you’re comfortable with. To get started send us an email stylingxniyah@Gmail.com.

Have you said any of these things? Have another question or concern that wasn’t mentioned here? Send us an email (StylingxNiyah@gmail.com) or shoot us a text (217 722 7320). We’re here to help.

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2 Ways to Wear It: Spring’s Must Have Piece

What goes with everything, is the perfect layering piece, and works for both men and women? You guessed it– the denim jacket. Spring is here, so you know you’ll be seeing this around quite a bit. I know I’ve already worn my good ‘ole trusty denim jacket several times in the past month. Here are two ways you can wear this must-have, but as you know the options are endless…

P.S. How fitting is it that the brands of the jackets (Hudson and Paige) make it seem like names of an actual real life couple? I noticed that after I styled the jackets in this way.
All Clothing via Amazon Fashion // Paige denim jacket, Yumi Kim Floral Maxi Dress, Armani Exchange Crossbody, Frye Sneakers, Stylist’s Own Jewelry

A floaty maxi dress is the perfect way to celebrate spring (finally you can free those legs!), and a dark floral makes it easier to wear for a variety of occasions. Keep it casual with slip on sneakers, and don’t forget to add your favorite sunnies. Lastly, grab your shoulder bag, and you’re ready to see where the warm-weather day takes you.

All Clothing via Amazon Fashion // Original Penguin’s T-shirt, Hudson Jean Jacket, Label Unknown Button Down Shirt, Theory Trousers, Converse Sneakers, Stylist’s Own Glasses and Watch

Say how you really feel with a cheeky statement tee. Instead of going straight for the denim jacket, why not try a printed button down underneath first (long or short sleeve depending on the weather) for some added visual interest? You may be tempted to reach for your skinny jeans next, but for a fresh take, grab a pair of trousers instead. These subtle changes will take your fit from basic to elevated. You’ll want to tie it altogether with a classic, perhaps your handy dandy converse sneakers!

Styled by Niyah Jackson
Stylist’s Assistant: Kim Hess
Photographed by Jason Hatcher


This Is The Best Dressed Cast on TV Right Now, aka Your New Style Gurus

Grown-ish, the spin-off series of ABC’s Black-ish, is a few things: relatable, hilarious, and full of fabulous style! To say that I am a fan of the show would be an understatement. Why hasn’t something like this existed before??

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Grown-ish follows 18-year-old Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) to college as she begins her freshmen year at Cal-U. She goes through the typical college student experiences (finding her core friends, dating, drugs/alcohol/sex/parties, internships, F.O.M.O) but it’s shown through a Gen-Z lens– something fairly new considering the conversation around pop-culture has mostly been through the eyes of millennials. The series is packed with some of my favorite stars: singer-sister duo Chloe and Halle, singer/rapper Diggy Simmons, fashion model/style influencer Luka Sabbat, actress/singer Trevor Jackson, and Francia Raisa whom I most recognize from The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

GROWN-ISH – “Safe and Sound”

The best part of the TV Show is that similarly to Black-ish, it’s episodes are socially aware and relevant to the issues happening in our world today. This takes form in subtle ways, like when Luca showed up to class wearing the same skirt as his crush, Zoey, but he wore it better, and also in more direct ways like when Aaron is fighting for a “safe space” for blacks on their P.W.I. campus, but gets upset and deems it undeserving for Ana, a conservative Catholic, to have a “safe space” for women who share similar political views.

In this blog post I am going to go through each of the main characters and show how their personality and style complement one another. I am hoping you can find yourself in one or two of the cast members and gather some inspiration along the way. I’ll also show where you can purchase the exact items or look-a-likes. Lastly, A MAJOR shoutout to costume designer Michelle Cole for putting all of the show’s looks together. I can’t wait for you to see how talented she is. Okay, let’s go…

Zoey Johnson

She Is  | The lead. She’s learning that life isn’t as easy when you have to do it on your own. 
Her Style | Eclectic. A mix of high and low end pieces.

*Click to Enlarge

Essentials Needed to Dress Like Zoey | Statement Earrings, Stripes, Neutrals and Muted Colors

Shop Her Lookshttps://wornontv.net/grown-ish/zoey/

Nomi Segal

She Is | A free-spirited woman who identifies as bi-sexual. Nomi is super caring and is usually the friend who picks up the others when they fall. 

Her Style | Tomboy Sexy 

*Click to Enlarge

Essentials Needed to Dress Like Nomi | Braided Hair, Button Down Flannel, Bandanna

Shop Her Lookshttps://wornontv.net/grown-ish/nomi

Luca Hall

He Is  | Walking art. He interns with Zoey at a fashion mag and is a painter. As an individualist, he doesn’t care what others think of him. He’s in his own lane.

His Style | Edgy boho with a sense of humor. Lots of seventies influences.

*Click to Enlarge

Essentials Needed to Dress Like Luca | Cheeky T-shirts, Layered Statement Necklaces, Printed Dusters

Shop His Lookshttps://wornontv.net/grown-ish/luca/

Aaron Jackson

He Is Super woke. Political activist. Always down to fight the cause. 

His Style | Thrifted, relaxed, sometimes lazy… as the campus activist style isn’t his main priority.


Essentials Needed to Dress Like Aaron| Patches/Pins to Apply To Any Jacket, A Socially Conscious Pullover, Cardigan

Shop His Lookshttps://wornontv.net/grown-ish/aaron/

Vivek Shah

He Is  | A determined young man who came from a working class family. Ashamed to be “a cab driver’s son” he turns to selling drugs on campus. With his side hustle, he can afford brands like Kenzo, Burberry, and Givenchy.

His Style | Casual Luxury, Streetwear.


Essentials Needed to Dress Like Vivek | Crewnecks, Joggers, Hi-Top Sneakers

Shop His Lookshttps://wornontv.net/grown-ish/vivek/

Ana Torres

She Is | Zoey’s roommate. Ana is Cuban-American and was raised as a Catholic Conservative. She’s sort of sheltered, but opens up throughout the show. 

Her Style | Traditional Collegiate, Preppy Chic

Essentials Needed to Dress Like Ana | Plaids, Trouser Pants, Statement Tees

Shop Her Lookshttps://wornontv.net/grown-ish/ana/

“The Twins” aka Jazz and Sky Forster

They AreStudent athletes who struggle to reconcile their public personas (super bubbly and All-American good girls) with who they actually are outside the spotlight (kinda shady, and not afraid to keep it real).

Their Style | Bold and Sporty.


Essentials Needed to Dress Like The Twins | Varsity Stripes, Primary Colors, Statement Sleeves.

Shop Their Lookshttps://wornontv.net/grown-ish/skylar/

P.S. Good News! The show is being renewed for a second season with 20 episodes (the first season only had 13). Yayayayayayayyayayayaayaaayay






















5 Unique Tricks to Elevate Your Outfits (As Inspired by Seoul Fashion Week Street Style)

Seoul, South Korea is quickly becoming a hub for personal style inspiration. This is due to mix of factors including K-Pop coming to the states, their developing economy (wealth), and social media bringing global fashion more in view. I’m sure you’ve heard of New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, but did you know Seoul has a Fashion Week as well? Yup! Their Fall/Winter 2018 show ended March 24th. While the runways are the main attraction, street style (what guests are wearing to the shows) has been given equal attention. Below, I’ve selected my favorites and have pulled out some of the styling tricks you can try with your own wardrobe. Warning: Do try these at home, but just know you will get stares of wonder and awe 💕

1. Don’t Stop At Just One Topper

Image Via High Snobiety

One of the benefits of colder weather is being able to layer. The more you layer, the more you can manipulate your garments and play around with shape and proportion. With that being said, don’t feel limited to just one topper (i.e. blazer, bomber, cardigan, vest). Pick a couple and mix it up! Show off a sliver of a printed blazer by adding an oversized denim jacket on top. Or, fasten a bold colored jacket and pair an opened vest on top (see photo above).

2. Slowly Add In Spring

Image Via W Magazine

While spring technically began on March 20, I think we can all agree it hasn’t quite sprung yet. Have no fear, you can still start to add in your florals and chiffons while maintaining warmth. Not only is the oversized sweatshirt over top the floaty maxi a cool-girl move, it’s practical! For extra points: keep your winter boots on.

3. Go Monochrome

Image Via Harper’s Bazaar

Dressing fully monochrome is not for the shy, but if you’re looking for a way to refresh your wardrobe this may be just the trick. It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll find yourself with an outfit you’ve never worn before. Something to keep in mind are the accessories you pair it with. The subtle pops of white in the shoes, backpack, and glasses (as shown above), keep the look from appearing sloppy.

4. Borrow Your Grandmother’s Broach

Image Via Harper’s Bazaar

Embellishing your pieces with patches and pins isn’t new, although, arranging an assortment of brooches on a garment hasn’t been done as often. This is where your mother’s or grandmother’s closet comes in handy. You can line your lapels with them, as done above, but don’t feel like you’re stuck in that box. Have fun with the placement– get creative!

5. Off the Shoulder 2.0

Image Via Harper’s Bazaar

We are all familiar with the off-the-shoulder trend that was everywhere last summer. Welp, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon… but there’s an upside. Stand out from the crowd and simulate the idea of the trend, without showing any skin. All you need: two shirts and a belt. Wear the first shirt as normal. With the second, let one sleeve fall off a shoulder, and then button to hold in place (they will be off-center). If you need extra support to keep it all in place, add the belt. Fun, fun.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to incorporating these styling tricks into my outfits starting next week! Which on this list if your fav? Leave a comment below 🙂

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Styling x Niyah | Blog Launch

Almost 7 years ago I started a fashion blog I called, “Inexpensive Chic.” On the site I showed readers how to “look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks.” That site was my baby! It really was the catalyst to everything I am up to now. It was there that I began “styling,” I’d invite my friends from high school over to my house and have them bring a suitcase full of their fall clothes. Then I’d create outfits for them based on what they brought, and we headed to the backyard with my dad’s camera to create a fall lookbook. I soon graduated from styling my friends, to real models, and then collaborated with an actual photographer to take the pictures. I then began partnering with local boutiques and designers to source the clothes, and added on professional hair and makeup artists. The work you see here, in my styling portfolio, has come a long way, and I’m looking forward to continuing to become a better stylist with time and new partnerships.

Me and my friend Linee for the Fall Lookbook I styled in 2012

A few weeks ago I announced on social media that I wouldn’t be continuing with Inexpensive Chic. While the blog has led me to countless opportunities for which I am forever grateful, I feel the need to give other endeavors more of my focus. My styling business being one of them. Inexpensive Chic was a huge part of my identity for so long, and I don’t want it to vanish into thin air… so I am simply archiving the site. Anyone can go to it and see past articles here: InexpensiveChic.Wordpress.com, but I won’t be updating it any longer.

So you may be wondering, “well, why start another blog here on your styling website then?”

Fair question. On Inexpensive Chic I often wrote about my personal life and lessons I was learning along the way in addition to reporting on the runway trends, sharing fashion tips, etc. It was kind of a hodgepodge of everything me. The difference is that here, the blog is an extension of my business and the services I provide. It will be a way for me to focus on just the fashion and integrate more interaction and personality into this brand. While I have visitors come to this website to look at my portfolio work, I’d love to add more dimension to the site by having a space where we can chat and have more of a human interaction. My goal for you is to be able to takeaway something from each blog post that you can apply to your personal style journey.  

Topics You Can Expect

Fashion Trend Reports + How You Can Make It Your Own
How To Get Dressed Effortlessly + Stylishly Every Morning
A Day in The Life of a Stylist
The Right Colors For Your Complexion
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at an Editorial Photoshoot
Style Q+A’s From You, The Readers!

I am so excited to take my styling business to the next level, and I hope you are looking forward to being a part of it all too. Feel free to email me with any topic ideas or style questions you may have that I can include on the blog: StylingxNiyah@Gmail.com.

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