The Hidden Story of Adam and Eve

Photographer & Concept Coordinator: Oriel Lachi
Stylist: Niyah Jackson
Assistant Stylist: Evan

Jasmine McGowan
Savannah Ruppel
Lex Nycole
Nicole Miller
Molly Capone
Akilah Tahira
Niyah Jackson/ feautured in mirror

MUA: Pastelle Artistry
MUA: Zhané Hopgood
Hairstylist: Niyah Jackson & Altered Salon

Luxury womenswear designer, CALLE EVANS
Coats and Select Dresses: Down to Mars Vintage
Menswear: H&M
Featured Rings: Onyx The Innovator
Jewelry: 7 Charming Sisters
Select Jewelry and Accessories: Dillard’s
Select Jewelry: Shop Libby
Props: Michael’s, Amazon Fashion

Visual Critique: Taylor Tennyson
Visual Critique: Mary Taylor Jr.
Visual Critique: Sheryl Mason
Colorist: Nasir
Curated By: Nisa Bilquis
Shoot Location: Contemporary Arts Center

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