Is It Lazy Or Is It Fashion?

With the rise of streetwear as a trend, luxury and celebrity fashion have undoubtedly become more lax. Just look at the difference between the way the Kardashians dressed on Keeping Up in 2014 to today or the fact that what you see on the runway is now inspired by what designer’s are seeing on the street… not the other way around. I can’t help but feel a little cheated to see style influencers in sweatpants, crop tops, and sneakers. It wasn’t that long ago that seeing a paparazzi picture of a celebrity in this exact attire was sort of shameful. Have we stopped trying? Is it lazy? Or is is fashion with a capital “F?”


Why do I low-key want this shoe though? SMH

Let’s take dad/grandpa sneakers for example. You know the kind. The chunky, hideous, grass stained ones that you were embarrassed to be seen next to. BUT, plot twist… now they’re on your feet? Not to mention high-end brands just as Balenciaga are selling them for just under a thousand dollars. What?! Did someone have creative-block and decide “hmmm. Let’s just take something all of us agree is ugly and flip it on its head. We’ll adopt the attire of someone who removes themselves from the fashion conversation and call what they wear stylish and then capitalize off of it.

On the other hand, fashion is supposed to be fun, quirky, and sometimes nonsensical. It’s whatever you make it. Perhaps what we’re seeing is the industry taking themselves less seriously as a way to cope with society’s hard truths.


Speaking of society, one can’t help but notice the major shifts that have been happening in today’s culture. The vibe is carefree, unbothered, and authentic. Maybe that’s being reflected in the clothing? Comfort should be a prominent component to getting dressed, but I do think you can be casual, comfortable AND stylish. I’m inspired by those in streetwear who try and incorporate subtle detail whether it’s through text placement, proportion, or layering––but I’ve also seen a lot of people stop at sweatpants and a tank top and get rave reviews for their impeccable look. Something doesn’t add up here.

With that being said, It’s kind of nice to have a pass on days when I’m just not feeling it. Although, I often can’t help myself and end up elevating my look just a bit on those days. I guess that’s the stylist in me.


Is it really inspirational to wear such basic things? When I used to think of a hoodie and track pants I’d picture a teenaged boy playing video games, unconcerned with style. Now I think of an instagram influencer.

Where did the creativity go?

I am the first to admit I like to be comfortable in what I am wearing. My outfit should be suitable for the weather, able to allow me to get the tasks I need to get done for the day, be non fussy so I can focus on what I should accomplish, etc. WHILE saying who I am or how I feel that day. I believe in Rachel Zoe’s statement “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” So, what are we saying when we’re seeing the same uninspired outfits over and over that are deemed “stylish”? That we just don’t care? That it’s not worth trying to look good?

I am all for “street style” or “street wear” but the key word in these phases is style. Without it you just have street. Style comes through in the way you pair certain elements together. There’s a sense of surprise there. I like to have fun with fashion and put things with others that seem to not belong. Style should be an art form. It should be creative and fun. It should be an extension of self.

So what do you think? Vote in the pole below if you think street wear is lazy or fashion. Also, comment and let me know if you think this is just a fleeting trend, or if we’ve entered into a permanent post-style realm.

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