Niyah helped make my graduation photos quite the experience! She not only searched at local clothing boutiques for unique clothing for my photos but also assisted me and shopping for the perfect accessories to accent my style. She also referred me to a wonderful photographer and assisted with styling and wardrobe fixing during the shoot! She is such a kind and pleasant person to be around and she definitely made the experience worth while! Thank for all of your help Niyah, I’m sure you will go very far in your career. –Zoe J.

I am so thankful I was able to meet and work with Niyah! I gave her loose parameters of what I wanted for our shoot together- just something different from my normal fitness gear- and she pulled five beautiful options. It was so hard to choose- I loved them all! She is a very sweet girl and very talented. Highly recommend for whatever fashion needs you may have! –Kimberley  K.

Niyah is very passionate about fashion which makes it easy for her to be so great at her job. I’ve worked with her on several occasions and she is always professional and pleasant. She is able to cater to the needs of any individual’s personal style and adds a hint of her own to it. -Brierre S.

Niyah humbly carries a unique technique of style and embraces beauty from all aspects including cultural, chic and vintage influences. She can take a simple look, add her creative twist, and turn it into a beautiful piece of art or what I like to refer to as a “Niyah Original”. She’s absolutely fun to work with, professional, and is always ready to take fashion to another level! -Mabintu K.

Styling by Niyah, is a wonderful service. She studies modern trends, utilizes all her resources, and includes cultural twists in her outfit creations. Her creativity is limitless and she continues to do the best she can to uphold her mission through fashion. -Joseph M.

Not only is Niyah incredibly talented, she is kind, smart, and caring. When asking for styling advice, she changed my perspective on fashion, transforming it from a daily challenge to an outlet to explore and express myself. A great experience modeling and being styled, I strongly support Styling by Niyah. -Emily F.

Niyah has vision!! And it’s very easy to work with someone who is focused and knows how to pinpoint a theme! Working with Niyah is always a professional and smooth sailing experience; from being styled for fashion shows to photoshoots she will definitely make sure your look best suits the event & your vision! -Amber E.

Niyah is an absolute joy to work with. She’s always on time, always prepared, and always brings a great attitude! She recently worked on my magazine Apotheosis where she styled two shoots and in the past on an independent studio work. She never ceases to amaze me with her creativity and go with the flow approach. She will not let you down! -Mandee L.

Niyah has an uncanny knack for finding patterns and materials that come together to create a distinctly attractive style for each person that she has worked with. It’s always fun to see what she will come up with next. I believe you would be hard-pressed to find any stylist who has a comparable skill for doing this so well. -Ron J.

Niyah put together a series of bohemian themed styles for me for a photoshoot. From jewelry to shoes, she completely customized my look. I felt very confident and natural in a completely original style. Can’t wait for any future events to have an excuse to work with her again! -Clare K.

Niyah styled a photo shoot that she asked me and several other girls to be in to for her vision “squad goals”. I loved how several personalities were represented in the shoot and how clearly her vision of fun, stylish, girl power came across. The boho look suited me and I felt very pretty that day. -Inaya S.

Niyah styled me for a shoot and I was very impressed at how everything really came together ! Her talent got me 2 callbacks! Thanks Niyah! – Jasmine M.

Niyah exudes a passion and talent for styling that is out of this world. I can’t help but remember many instances where she would offer to make wardrobe selections for my vacation trips … It was always fascinating to see what she would come up with and super fun to receive so many compliments… I like that some of the choices were out of my comfort zone, but they worked beautifully! -Ricci J.

Niyah’s ability to style is matched by none other that I know her age. She has an amazing, seemingly innate talent for knowing what “fits” on anyone. I’ve never seen her make a bad decision when it comes to style! -Stephen A.