Ricci’s Closet Cleanout

Name: Ricci J.

Age: 50-something

Occupation: Interior Decorator





Step 1: The Consultation // Find out the need for a stylist, get sizing & fit preference, take style quiz, examine budget.

Step 2: The Closet Clean Out // Go through each piece and see if it should be kept, donated, or sold. Create an organization system. Simultaneously create a shopping list based on things that needed to be updated or missing gaps in the wardrobe.

Step 3: Outfit Creation // Go through and mix and match work appropriate looks, that she may not have thought to put together.

Step 4: The Final Result // The “after” and main takeaways

Key Takeaways For Ricci

  • A lot of her clothing was outdated. Some of it had literal dust on it. We placed it in the donation pile.
  • She has a ton of clothes with tags still on them, that she’s never worn. Before wanting to go shopping, it’s worthwhile to create outfits from the clothes she already owns. A stylist can help piece things together that the client may not of thought to do her/hisself.
  • She has a lot of dress pants, but not enough tops to go with them (she has plenty of t-shirts, but that won’t work!). We added that to our shopping list.

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