Nia’s Complete Style Makeover

0c9a1536Name: Nia B.

Age: 26

Occupation: Director of External Relations




Step 1: The Consultation // Find out the need for a stylist, get sizing & fit preference, take style quiz, examine budget.

  • Mainly looking for business attire since it’s mandatory in her office. Doesn’t want to wear a bland white shirt and jacket everyday. Wants to incorporate color, stay youthful, and have variety
  • Has wider hips and a small waist. Often has to go up a size in bottoms, and get the waist tailored. Has given up on pencil skirts because they always ride up
  • Generally prefers loose fitted clothing
  • Prefers the preppy + romantic style for work based on the style quiz
  • Wants to avoid yellow, orange, and neon colors
  • Style influences are a Olivia Pope from the tv show Scandal, and Bow Johnson from the tv show Black-ish
  • Usually shops at Nordstrom Rack, Banana Republic, J Crew, and Nordstrom
  • Goal is to stop buying things “because they are pretty”, and then not knowing how to wear it

Step 2: The Closet Clean Out // Go through each piece and see if it should be kept, donated, or sold. Create an organization system.

  • After the consultation her homework was to go through her closet and sort what she knew she didn’t want to keep. Our following meeting, we went through what she was unsure about letting go. Some of the pieces were outdated, and she’d already replaced them, so it was easy to let it go.
  • From our consultation I could tell Nia is a minimalist. Her closet was not overcrowded, she just has the essentials. Not much organization was needed, but I did suggest to keep her hangers uniform, and organize by color and then type.


Step 3: Outfit Creation // Go through and mix and match work appropriate looks, that she may not have thought to put together.

Step 4: Shopping // Create list based on things that needed to be updated or missing gaps in the wardrobe, decide where to shop.


Step 5: The Final Result // Before and after, and main takeaways

Nia went from feeling stuck wearing the same outfits every week, to seeing she really has more options than she realized. At first she was apprehensive when I put together the purplish-blue trousers with an emerald-green blouse, but when she looked in the mirror she started to see her wardrobe in a whole new way.

Key Takeaways For Nia 

  • Pair jewel tones together for a fresh, youthful work look
  • Nia loved the comfort of her heeled booties, but they didn’t work well with trousers. They did however look chic with a dress and tights
  • Nude heels and flats pair best with an overall “light” look, while black heels and flats work well with a “dark” outfit
  • You can wear a grey suit in winter. Just wear as separates and pair with darker colors
  • Have fun with tops! Since Nia is bigger on bottom, the focus should be on top. She can highlight this with bold colored tops, and jackets with interesting details

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